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MOCON Baseline

    • Phone: +1 729-310-8576
    • Fax: +1 303-823-5151
    • MOCON Baseline, P.O. Box 649, 19661 Highway 36, Lyons, CO, 80540, USA

    On-line VOC gas analyzers, including Baseline® gas chromatographs, hydrocarbon analyzers (includes non-methane, and heated analyzers), PertoAlert® specifically designed for the oil and gas industry’s mud/well logging process, fully integrated BevAlert® Analytical System for critical beverage-grade CO2 impurity measurement, and OEM piD-TECH® photoionization detectors (PID) and sensors. Markets include environmental monitoring, toxic gas detection, well logging during oil and gas exploration, petrochemical, chemical, industrial and specialty gas trace impurity analysis.

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