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    • Phone: +1 508-946-6200
    • Fax: 1-508-946-6262
    • 11 Commerce Boulevard , Middleboro, MA, 02346, United States

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    • Phone: +1 602-470-1414
    • Fax: +1 602-281-1745
    • 3375 North Delaware Street, Chandler, AZ, 85225, United States

    AMETEK Brookfield offers a wide range of accurate and reliable scientific instrumentation for use in labs and the process industries. From viscometers and rheometers to texture analyzers, powder flow testers, moisture/solids/ash analyzers and toxic gas analyzers, Brookfield has something for nearly any application. Our instruments are ideal for use in a variety of markets including: foods, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, personal care products, adhesives, printing inks, paints & coatings, chemicals, packaging construction materials and asphalt, biomass, batteries, industrial hygiene, wastewater treatment and emergency response.

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